Rachel Platt



BeautiBook is my Computer Science entrepreneurial capstone project. I’ve had the opportunity to design various components of this project— including our logo, landing page, and application prototype. My main role is in user experience, and front-end design and development.

UI | UX | Product Design | Development


This project was a three day long individual design challenge to design an application to streamline business travel. I did user research, persona development, and prototyping.

UI | UX | Product Design


This project was done for CSCI 3002, Human Centered Computing Design & Development. My team and I created this interface for an application designed for collectors and hobbyists to store and manage their collections. My main role was visual design and user testing.

UI | UX | User Testing

My Menu

This was a personal project I did to better familiarize myself with the design process. The app I designed is a menu app that tailors a restaurant menu to a users dietary restrictions and preferences.

UI | UX | User Testing