BeautiBook is my Computer Science entrepreneurial capstone project. I’ve had the opportunity to design various components of this project— including our logo, landing page, and application prototype. My main role is in user experience, and front-end design and development.

Senior Project: August 2017-May 2018
UI / UX/ Product Design/ Branding/ Web Design & Dev/ Mobile App Development in Swift & Firebase


There is currently no way for makeup users to share and discover makeup looks and products easily. We found our problem through examination of the online beauty community, where many users share their looks and find inspiration from others. But these users are limited to photos, videos, and description boxes, which limit their ability to share the necessary details of a makeup look such as steps and products.


Our primary target user are makeup users who share looks of their own on social media, and interact with others in the beauty community on these platforms. Specifically, makeup users who create and share tutorials for others to follow.


  1. Problem Discovery- Empathy Interviews: To best design our product, we interviewed 11 potential customers on their experiences. Some of our key findings:
    • Frustration was shown when users spoke about trying to recreate a look from the internet Interviewees were embarrassed about size and organization of makeup collections.
    • Interviewees showed frustration with remembering what products users owned and used for what looks. Some cited not being able to recreate a look they made in the first place.
    • Many interviewees showed enthusiasm about makeup, and opened up to us about their passion for makeup and its role in their lives.
    • Interviewees were frustrated with how hard it is to get recognized on social media because so many people are doing the same thing.
    • Interviewees found motivation in the social achievement of building recognition on social media.
    • Interviewees cited motivation in learning makeup as a new skill and getting better over time.

  2. Design: my partner and I designed collaboratively on paper based on our user’s needs. I then translated our designs into Sketch and We have been continuously gaining feedback on our prototype from potential users while developing our application in Swift.


Based on our user research and designs, we focused on a few key features to best serve our users

Look View

One of our most important features is our "look view" page. This is what sets us apart from other social media websites. We made sure this view was tailored specifically to makeup looks and products.


We wanted to give users a way to collect and manage their favorite makeup looks and products.

We took inspiration from some organization techniques already in place, like drawers with different types of makeup products, or youtube playlists and pinterest boards with different types of makeup looks.


We wanted to make an easy and organized way for users to input all that went into their makeup look, so that they can reuse their looks and share them with others.


We found during our research that makeup users often love to share and take inspiration from their community. We knew that a social aspect would be key to makeup users finding new looks to try and sharing their art with the world.


  • Our landing page is located at
  • Our application is currently on Testflight as we continue to develop and test our beta for our iOS release.