This project was done for CSCI 3002, Human Centered Computing Design & Development. My team and I created this interface for an application designed for collectors and hobbyists to store and manage their collections. My main role was visual design and user testing.

Human Centered Computing Design & Development/ June 2017


When ideating our project, my team was inspired by the community of collectors of all types, and wanted to provide them with a way to manage their different collections. Initially, we were inspired by websites such as GoodReads, and VGCollect, apps that help readers and gamers store their collections, respectively. We also looked into more broad collection management sites, like Pinterest. We found two areas in these existing collection sites we thought could use improvement:

  • The Services were unable to cater to a diverse audience of collectors- Existing collection management services typically cater to specific types of collections (gamers, readers, coin collectors), we felt we could create a broader audience
  • The Services were not robust enough to attract collectors away from current methods- We thought about collectors who are particular in how they organize their collections. How could we make our service a viable alternative to these existing preferences?


  1. Initial Design:My team of 5 designed collaboratively on chalkboards and on paper based on our research. I then took the our drawings into illustrator and Invision for user testing
  2. User Testing:We performed a cognitive walkthrough and think aloud protocol on three different tasks within our app: Creating a new collection, Adding an item to a collection, and Editing the collection template. We noticed that the creation of a new collection with different attributes was challenging for the users, and they expressed some general confusion about our application.
  3. Reworking aspects of the design:What we found during user testing was a good amount of confusion due to the scope and customizability of our application. We went back to the drawing board for some better designs.

Collection Creation Before:

Collection Creation After:


curator ui intro
curator ui signup
curator ui homescreen
curator ui item details
curator ui new item
curator ui new collection
curator ui settings


Working with a team on this project was a valuable experience. I found that after each user test and design iteration we all brought different insights to the table and were able to improve our design feeding off of each others’ ideas. In another way, it was challenging to take our mockups and be the sole person responsible for turning them into visual design. This could most definitely use a UI refresh, and I should have looked into more UI trends to give this a less dated feel to it.